Research Related Offerings

The ADIRM focuses on sustainable energy, public and human health; agriculture and food; environmental sustainability; education; enterprise and entrepreneurship; digital technology; big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT); peace and conflict resolution.

Energy Research Group (ERG)

ADIRM Energy Research Group focus on the exploration, development and efficient use of alternative and environment-friendly energy sources and power generation. The group places special emphasis on increasing the energy efficiency awareness and working closely with the industry.

Social Enterprise in Education

We aim to improve the financial, social and environmental well-being of Africans — The ADIRM social enterprise is structured as profit and non-profit towards oriented achieving community interest and benefit. The main purpose is to promote, encourage, and make social change in Africa.

Digital Economy Research Group

The digital economy research group focuses on the scope for value creation and capturing the digital economy in Africa. We pay special attention to how new and established organisations in African countries that will take opportunities for data-driven research to create innovative enterprises in many sectors of the economies.

Agriculture & Natural Resources Management Research Group

Our overarching strategy is to improve agricultural production systems, enhance agricultural sustainability and efficiency while protecting the environment. Our research focus on how to develop an online focal point for urban and rural agricultural projects, provide support that will enable farmers to have the necessary information to protect and prevent cash crops

Environmental and Sustainability Research Group

We focus on environmental problems and challenges from the natural resource economics and ecosystem degradation perspectives. The rapid rate of urbanization in Africa in particular, has led to massive deforestation and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and extraction is of concern to us.

Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Research Group

Entrepreneurship and enterprise research groups undertake –research and studies that unearth the nature, determine the magnitude and underlying causes of organisational and human management deficiencies in Africa in general. We undertake research investigation that highlights the nature and causes of bourgeoning human resources unemployment…

Public and Human Health Research Group

Our research agenda aims to conduct research on the prevention and management of chronic disease within primary health care. It encompasses research, which focuses on specific chronic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and high blood pressure.

Conflict & Peace Resolution Research Group

The research group focuses on how extractive political institution, ethnic and religious discrimination produces conflict and violence in Africa and how different actors can respond to preconditions for conflict resolution and sustainable peace.

Economics and Policy Research Group

Our research agenda addresses issues within and between economics and policy for sustainability

  • Ecological macroeconomics: reduce inequality, fix the financial system, create meaningful jobs, steady-state economic approaches.


The ADIRM welcomes researchers from all kind of backgrounds to integrate to produce research outputs that will be used to tackle challenges facing African nations and the world.

Government – Our research can be instrumental in the development of policy practice, shaping legislation and altering behaviour. It can be conceptual in contributing to the understanding of policy issues.

Industry – Our industry research helps organisations to create new knowledge, turning them into new products and services. We focus on how digital technology innovation will enable African businesses to achieve innovation and organisational performance.

Society – Our knowledge discovery can be a positive contribution that impacts socio-economic development in Africa and the world.

Innovation Centre

The ADIRM is committed to its goal of researching unique technology solutions that solves problems in the society. Our innovation centre adopts an open-source approach to embark on research that is commercializable which will lead to inventing new technologies to encourage homegrown technologies enterprises.