The digital economy research group focuses on the scope for value creation and capturing the digital economy in Africa. We pay special attention to how new and established organisations in African countries that will take opportunities for data-driven research to create innovative enterprises in many sectors of the economies. Our research agenda aim at how the implication of digital economy will enable African countries to achieve the SDGs goals. Our research focuses on how to fill the gap in under-connected countries and cities in Africa. We constitute intelligence business unit under the research group that makes use of emerging digital technologies and conventional approach to gather and process data in Africa. This is to produce enough credible data for private and public research institutions and organisations in Africa and the globe. This will enable Africa to develop research capabilities to solve challenges facing the continent especially in human health and food insecurity. We have successfully launched a data-driven platform that provides information, knowledge, and insight into the African Start-up Ecosystem. Start-up list Africa was born out a need to get an authentic analysis of the African Start-up Ecosystem. With the constant funding announcements happening almost every day, there is literally no dedicated service that keeps track of its effect on growth, trends, and impact on Society. Africa is in dire need of a dedicated service that provides information & insight that would potentially help investors, researchers & entrepreneurs make guided decisions on their next venture.