James Orduen  Mbatsoron, Member

James Orduen  Mbatsoron, A graduate of information communication technology from NOUN Nigeria. John is a seasoned electrical and electronics technician, a research fellow,  a young scientist and inventor  whose research on regenerating energy is poised to help Nigeria and Africa at large is poised to help the continent tackle one of its foremost problems; power.

John is currently a senior research fellow at incubation center, Enugu, Enugu state Nigeria, and also a supervisor at the maintenance unit of the prestigious Golden Royale Hotels, Enugu. He is also an electronic and electrical engineering consultants to many state government, industries, hotels and high profile individuals.


His recent contribution to the work on regenerating energy is world acclaimed feat that is geared towards solving energy problems in Africa. He also has various developmental projects in ICT and very skilled in areas such as ethical hacking, programming, app and web development etc. His dexterity, discipline and steadfastness to his profession speaks loud volume and has earned him local awards and recognition.