Airm research desk

IARDS provides a platform for industry-research-university collaboration through engagement among experts from diverse disciplines, such as entrepreneurship, business strategists, human development, environmental and energy economist, public health, vocational education and related fields. Some of the On-going Research Projects include:

  • An Investigation into the Public Health, Economic and Environmental Impact of Urban slums & settlements.
  • An Assessment of the long-term Environmental Impact of boreholes drilling without Regulation in the Nigerian Urban and Cities.
  • Exploring the psychological effect on the public about substandard and fake food, drinks and health products in Nigeria?
  • Assessment of Environmental and Ecological Impact of mining without Regulation.
  • The future of farming and agro-processing in Nigeria?
  • Women Social and Economic Wellbeing: A Gendered Analysis of Rural Livelihood and Poverty Indicators.
  • Research into informal entrepreneurship, informal artisans and roadside traders?
  • How can Higher Education prepare students to be both employment and career Ready? Mapping of Industrial Skills.
  • Postcolonialism, Democracy and Sustainable Development – measuring successes & failures in African Democratic Societies.

In addition, we conduct surveys and opinion polls on many interesting subjects such as politics, elections, poverty, unemployment indicators, disease outbreak, health indicators, etc. The aim is to provide a database/ databank for academics and research to enable them undertake analysis of innovative business, socio-economic and environmental issues. We welcome collaboration from national and international researchers, institutions and agencies wishing to undertake research in West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, etc.