About Us

The ADIRM is a private applied research and technology development institute that aims to advance knowledge in areas that will solve Africa's economic and societal problems. The activities of the ADIRM fall into three areas of expertise, the outcome of which is complementary to each other. These are research, application and education.

Through our research, we expose citizens to new ideas, new ways of understanding, and new ways of knowing. Our researchers embark on a journey of intellectual transformation through the rigorous approach of industry-researchers collaboration.

The ADMI social enterprise aims to improve the financial, social and environmental well-being of Africans by fostering innovation and creativity in citizens through our research outputs to enable them to create businesses that will create jobs and make a positive impact on the economy.

We bring together innovative people and multi-disciplinary researchers at ADIRM to solve societal problems and transform organisational processes. We aim to deliver the highest quality research outputs and we put African socio-economic development at the heart of our research.


Our vision is to deliver world-class research, teaching and learning that will continue to solve the societal problem and impact Africa’s socioeconomic development.


Our mission is to use research outputs to solve Africa’s socioeconomic problems, transforming the results of scientific research into new commercial products and services that contribute to economic development. We ensure that researchers and industries work closely together and maximise the social and economic benefits of the research outputs.


Management Team

Prof Ike Oluka


Prof. Agu Gab Agu

Head of Peace and Conflict Resolution Research Group

Prof. Daniel Sunday Ugwu

Head of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management, Research Group

Prof. Efeoghene Arthur Essaghah

Head of Environmental Studies Research Group

Prof. Vincent Onodugo

Head of Management Studies Reasearch Group

Dr Edmund O. Ndibuagu

Head of Public Health Research Group

Professor Afam Icha-Ituma

Member Advisory Board

Dr Nonso Ochinanwata

Advisory Board

Dr. Obiamaka Priscilla Linda Egbo

Visiting Professor and Member Advisory Board

Prof. Progress Hove-Sibanda (NMU)

Visiting Professor and Member Advisory Board

Dr. Joseph N Uhama


Dr Dons Eze


Ifeoma Ibekaku (MRS)


Ibe Emmanuel


Miracle Nnaji


James Nenge Mbatsoron




James Orduen Mbatsoron


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We foster innovation through research