Dr Dons Eze

Dr Dons Eze

Dr Dons Eze

Dons Eze is a member of the African Development Institute of Research Methodology. He holds a PhD degree in Social and Political Philosophy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

A Journalist of impeccable credentials who had edited several newspapers across the country, he was also a Communications Development Specialist with World Bank projects.

Dons Eze attended many courses in Journalism and Communication both in Nigeria and overseas, including a Post Graduate Course in Journalism at the Central European Communication Research and Documentation Centre in Zabrow, Warsaw, Poland, under the sponsorship of UNESCO International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC); Participatory Rural Communication Course in Rome, Italy; Practical Communication Tools and Techniques Course, Communication Strategies and Speech writing and Speech Making for Leaders at the Royal Institute for Public Administration, RIPA International, London.

Dons Eze was also in Nairobi, Kenya, where he attended Cycle Management Course. Administered by Re Ch Management Centre, London, and at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), where he also attended a course on Project Monitoring and Evaluation.
Among the several newspapers and magazines, he edited were the Daily Star Newspaper, Daily Champion, Satellite and Post Express Newspapers. He is also Member, Editorial/Review Board of the International Journal of Law, Education, Social and Sports Studies (IJLESS) and International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology (IJSA).
A Communication Development Specialist for the World Bank assisted Local Empowerment and Environmental Management Project, and Operations Manager in charge of Communication, Training and Education for the Community and Social Development Project of the World Bank, Dons Eze was lead/participant in workshops for the formulation of Communication Strategy for the World Bank assisted Community and Social Development Project and for the World Bank assisted Local Empowerment and Environmental Project in Nigeria.

Dons Eze who holds UNESCO/IPDC Fellowship in Journalism is also a former Secretary of the Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ) in the old Anambra State, Member, Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria (imcon), and International Society for Development & Sustainability.

Dons Eze is widely published in both local and foreign academic journals, among which are: Nigeria and the Challenges of Globalization: A Philosophical Perspective, Godfrey Okoye University Journal of Management & Social Sciences, 2013, Vol. 1 No. 1 pp. 28-37; Nigeria and the Crisis of Cultural Identity in the Era of Globalization, Journal of African Studies and Development, October 2014, Vol. 6(8) pp 140-147 DOE 10.5897/JASD2014.0292 Article Number: BCDF19647534 ISSN 2141 – 2189 www.academicjournal.org/JASD; A Critical Review of the Evolution of Kingship System Among the Igbo of Nigeria, International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, Vol.8(1), pp. 1 – 7, January 2016, Article Number:CC4D74C56833 ISSN 2006 – 988x. www.academicjournals.org/IJSA; Philosophical Reflections on Globalization and the Nigerian Experience, Direct Research Journal of Social Sciences and Educational Studies, Vol. 3, October 2016, Article Number DRJA11037722, ISSN 2449-0806. Traditional Religious Practices and the Coming of Christianity to Oghe, Oghe Writers Journal, 2014, Vol. 1 No. 2, pp. 1 – 11, ISBN 978-012-9135.; Communal Development in Oghe and The Chadwick Udi Experiment, Oghe Writers Journal, 2015, Vol.1 No. 3, pp. 10 – 20, ISBN 978-41362-9-7. He has over 200 articles published in newspapers, newsmagazines and blogs.

Among the books authored by Dons Eze were: Africa in Turmoil – A Reflection on Military Coups in Africa; Enugu and the Making of Nigeria; Akama Ogwugwu Ebenebe; Ezeagu: The Land and Its People; The Wawa Struggle; and One Hundred Quotable Quotes and Poems of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe
Dr. Dons Eze was Secretary, Anambra State Appeal Fund for Fidelia Ngozi Ogbuagu; Secretary, Anambra State Trust Fund on Imezi Owa Accident Victims; and Member, Board of Directors, Enugu State Broadcasting Service (ESBS).